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5 Leaks from Pest Experts to Overcome Rats that Always Escape Traps. Hmm, so it’s like this?

Although popular as one of the famous cartoon characters, in real life, the existence of rats is often avoided. That is because the rodent likes to chew various things at home and carry germs. Even the word ‘mouse’ is often identified with everything dirty like the practice of thieves of corruptors

Even so, eradicating the presence of mice at home is not always easy, especially during the rainy season. Well, in order to effectively quell the invasion of mice in your home, here are 5 expert pest advice that you can do.

1. Using ground pepper, sliced ​​onions, or other kitchen objects is not effective enough to repel your mice!

Natural ways to use peppermint, ground pepper, and onion slices can indeed drive away mice. But things are less effective. Spokesman for the US National Pest Management Association, Cindy Mannes, explained that rats always live near humans, so the odors are already familiar in their noses. He suggested you use rat poison because it was clearly effective.

2. Use mouse traps if the rat poison is considered unsafe for health

You can use mouse traps because it’s safer. But because this mouse is a smart animal, it is often suspicious of something new in its environment. The trick, place the trap in the same place for some time. Let the rat feel familiar and trapped

3. Use a different bait every day in the trap

In addition to maintaining the location of traps, you have to vary with bait. Rat pest expert, Robert Corrigan, recommends that you use several different types of bait for three days without the intention of catching the rat. After three days, the rat will usually be close and not suspect the bait you give. Only on the fourth day did you set the trap!

4. Pay attention to where to place the trap. Don’t mind it

You should place the trap in a place where the mouse is often seen hanging around. Pay attention to the holes in and out of them, or the place you suspect is a nest. Remember, the rat can pass through a hole that is only as big as its head.

5. Routinely clean the house, especially the hidden corners

Rats are survival animals. He only needs about 3-4 grams of food a day to survive. So bread crumbs that you don’t clean can be good snacks for them. In addition to making sure the dining table and floor are clean from food crumbs, you also need to clean the hidden corners. Who knows, the rat has already stored its stock of food there ~

Getting rid of rats at home is difficult and easy. The important thing, you must always maintain the cleanliness of the house and yard, yes. Good luck!

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