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5 Advantages of Filling Vehicle Tires with Nitrogen. How could ordinary wind be like this

To keep the vehicle’s speed steady, you must pay attention to the air pressure on the tires. If in the past we only knew the usual wind to fill the air in vehicle tires, now there is another chemical gas that turns out to be far superior, called nitrogen. According to automotive experts, the use of nitrogen is recommended, especially if you often use vehicles every day to go far.

Well, for those of you who still use ordinary wind to fill tire pressure, it looks like you have to start switching to nitrogen. Because, some of these advantages you can only get if your vehicle tires are filled with nitrogen.

1. A larger nitrogen molecule makes the tire not collapse quickly

Nitrogen has strong molecules and is not easily contaminated, even when it’s hot. So, even if the vehicle is in the hot sun, the wind pressure in the tires will not experience evaporation.

2. The pull is getting stronger thanks to the solid nitrogen molecule

The density of solid nitrogen molecules makes the tire more stable, so that vehicle control becomes more comfortable even if you have to speed. No need to worry about being tired, the vehicle pulls are still light.

3. Because it is free from water content, tires and wheels don’t rust easily

Unlike ordinary wind, nitrogen does not contain water which can cause dew on tire wheels. In fact, the water points left too deep in the alloy can corrode. Not only that, the water content in ordinary winds can also trigger chemical reactions that make tires heavier.

4. Nitrogen-filled tires are also much more durable in terms of shape and size

Unlike ordinary wind, nitrogen stability is reliable enough to make tires last longer. Stable and dense wind pressure makes the tire not wear out quickly.

5. Grip or grip the tire against the asphalt also be better lo!

The stability of a good vehicle also makes the tire grip more optimally, driving even more comfortable. Because, this affects the handling or control and use of fuel.

Although nitrogen is stable enough for vehicle tires, it’s a good idea even if you pay attention to the volume of filling. Don’t forget too, check the tire pressure so that it doesn’t interfere with your driving activities. Make sure the tires don’t get less air when you are going to leave

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