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4 Plants that Can Repel Snakes

In the last few days, the cobra terror has succeeded in making a number of residents in several regions in Java cringe. Cobras are found in a number of residential areas.

Reptile researcher from the LIPI Biology Research Center Amir Hamidy said, the start of the rainy season is the right time for snake eggs to hatch. This phenomenon is considered normal and is a natural cycle.

Some also point out the ‘homecoming’ season as one of the causes of cobras in a residential area. Human settlement in the form of a residence that was once a snake habitat forest is considered a ‘hometown’.

Keeping the environment clean is one way that can be done to ward off the presence of snakes at home.

Keep in mind, the presence of rats is one of the main factors that invite the arrival of snakes. Keep a pile of garbage at home that can invite mice to come.

Snakes can hide anywhere. Starting from a small pile of stones, between vines, and others. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, designing a home garden can also be done to prevent the presence of snakes.

Designing an anti-snake garden basically plants a number of plants that are claimed to help repel snakes. To note, snakes do not like strong aromas or aromas.

Citing the Pets website, some beautiful plants with strong scents can be your reference.

1. Marigold

This plant is known for its beautiful yellow flowers. This plant also often decorates the home page.

Marigolds are generally planted as an effort to prevent pests. Traditionally, marigolds are also believed to repel soil mice.

This function is obtained from the roots of plants that grow aggressively and give off a pungent odor. This odor repels many pests and a number of other living things in the park, including snakes.

2. Tongue in-law

The tongue-in-law is generally used to maintain air quality. NASA was the first to discover the benefits of this plant.

However, in addition to effectively maintaining air quality, the tongue-in-law is also claimed to help prevent the arrival of snakes because of the sharp leaf structure. Unlike other smelly plants, the sharp leaf character on the in-law’s tongue is said to make the snake afraid and leave.

This factory does not require difficult maintenance. Plants only need to be watered three times a week.

3. Lemongrass

Besides being beneficial for health, lemongrass is also known to help keep snakes out of the environment.

Lemongrass produces orange scents that can block the snake’s path. Citronella is also a by-product of lemongrass that mosquitoes hate very much.

Planting lemongrass on the edge of the fence will make the home page look beautiful and avoid snakes.

4. Garlic

Many people believe that garlic is a powerful garden plant to ward off snakes. Not only is not preferred, the aroma of garlic can also make snakes confused.

Garlic is known to release oil reserves. Use these oil reserves to ward off snakes.

Plants that can help repel snakes will vary depending on your environmental ecosystem. There is no one plant that can drive away snakes perfectly. Combine the four plants in your home garden

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