10 Tips for Traveling with a Couple

Many couples are considering traveling to a desert island together, looking for experiences and learning new cultures. But to be more afdal, you need to know 10 tips that can be applied when deciding to travel with a partner.

1. Location selection

It is important to consider a location that offers something that can be enjoyed together. Such as if a partner
want a warm place with a beach view, and you want a place that offers an experience that is
adrenaline, then look for tourist sites that can meet both desires.

2. Prepare the budget

Imagine if you want to stay in a hostel while your partner wants to stay in a 5 star hotel and a private jet tour, there will definitely be a debate. Therefore, discuss the topic of the budget before traveling, especially if traveling dreams require extra large budget.

3. Agreement to divide the budget

Take a relaxed approach where you and your partner will spend money with each other flexibly. However, if your partner spends less money, then it will be unfair if you spend more. Therefore, discussion is needed so that there are no lumps.

4. Couples are friends

Some couples who go traveling together have experienced quarrels related to room reservations due to gender differences. But there are also couples who are very relaxed with this scenario. So get to know the personality and style of traveling a partner, it does look trivial but can spark a fight.

5. Plan with ease

It sounds good to plan everything for the following day, with a structured schedule. But did not rule out provoking resentment when the plan did not go smoothly. Just make a plan when you are in a new destination, because the most important thing when traveling with a partner is to enjoy and spend time together.

6. Can walk individually

Even if you enjoy traveling together, but make sure there are some activities that are not only together, allowing each other to enjoy each other’s activities is the key. With that, of course there will be more experience that can be exchanged together.

7. Try short-traveling together

If you’ve never made a long journey with your partner, you might not know things that don’t suit one another. Try to take a short trip to recognize the personality and style of traveling a partner, as well as analyzing the things that might happen.

8. Control yourself when tired

No matter where you go traveling with anyone, there will be a point where you are tired, such as being very hungry or lacking sleep. This can trigger stress. Keep in mind not to snap at a partner. If you are in that phase, calm down and look for ways to resolve the situation wisely.

9. No prestige to apologize

Mistakes are human. When traveling with a partner, more mistakes occur, but therein lies the beauty of this trip. You and your partner will learn a lot every time, in between visits to new places. Don’t forget to always apologize if you make a mistake, however small, to prevent a fight.

10. Be careful about consuming alcohol

If you drink, then consider it carefully. Recognize the condition of each body when deciding to drink alcohol. Some people experience hangovers and illness the next day, things that can ruin an organized agenda.

Traveling is one of the fun things you can do in life, let alone share it with your partner. There shouldn’t be a few small fears to stop going away as far as possible.

To quote The Wolf of Wall Street, “The only thing that stands between you and your purpose is the main story that you keep telling yourself about why you can’t achieve it.”

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